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Conversations in Colour


Some posit that what we experience on a moment to moment basis is a result of the associations we have built over the course of our lifetimes. 


As we enter into this world, time may be the first notion we construct from changes in the sensory information we receive.

Attuning further, our minds translate sensory information into concepts such as light and shadow, silence and sound, warmth and coldness. Light, for instance, emerges from contrast in our vision, objects forming where light becomes shadow. Space emerges from the movements of the forms around us, and our movements in relation to them.

We may come to associate the golden rays of sunlight with a radiating warmth, or the blue shades of shadow with an unsettling cold. Language and all other abstractions build upon and entwine into this associative web. This process continues for as long as we continue to take in new information.

Artists included: 

Claire Shakespeare

Ragnar Lochhead

Margaret Thompson

Daniel Bruce Hughes

Matthias Esch

Simone Russell

Lee Johnson

Freya Croissant

Julia Bennett

Piers Muiry

Joe Carter
Nat Marshall

Roland Piche

Gian Berto Vanni

Sir Howard Hodgkin

Curated by: 
Nat Marshall 
Piers Muiry

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