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Our pilgrimage started  in 2019 with the sole goal to create a more sustainable model for exhibiting and selling art. We believe that artists who have set off on their creative journey should have their work shown and respected, no matter what stage they are at.  

We currently operate within two different models: 
To provide opportunities for artists to display their work in an environment where it can encapsulate the viewer's attention completely. We look to organise events and exhibitions which bring artists together into a community that encourages communication and co-operation.
During our pilgrimage we hope to launch more projects that work closely with other artists as well as sponsoring physical residencies in beautiful spaces.

Pilgrims Contemporary also operates a commercial side. We specialize in art investments with expertise in Impressionist, Modern and 20th century artworks. In a highly competitive market-place our expertise lies in being able to uncover work from unusual and unlikely sources. 


Please do get in contact if you have an enquiry or if you would like to be considered for an upcoming exhibition. 


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